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The Most Powerful Restaurant Management System is free. Digitalise your Restaurant Operations. Compatible with All Dine-in models including QR Code-based Digital Menu, Online Table Reservation, Online Pickup, Takeaway, QR Code-based Take Away and More.

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Restaurant POS
The One App

Addressing all needs of

    • Dine-in Order management for any restaurant type
    • QR Code-based Digital Menu for Dine-in
    • Digital Kiosk via Takeaway QR Code Menu
    • Online Food Ordering System (Online Pickup)
    • Table Reservation
    • Dine and Takeaway POS
    • Customer Support Ticketing System
    • Your own Online Food Delivery System (Coming Soon)
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Digital Transformation

Transform your Business
Digitally at No Time

  • Enable contactless payments using QR Code Dine-in & Takeaway Kiosk
  • Improved Dine-in Experience
  • Manage different types of orders
  • Maximize operational efficiency
  • Fastest Billing experience
  • Perfect for Restaurants at any level
  • Multi-branch management made easy
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Restaurant Business
Restaurant Customer
You own Customer Data

Develop Customer Base

Customers are your asset. When you use third party delivery apps your customer data is masked and hence your growth is restricted. With Gleeca you get every feature that a restaurant need plus customer data which you can use to engage your customers with personalised ads or messages.

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Instant Onboarding
Compatible business Types

Any Restaurant Model

Gleeca is built to be a permanent solution to any kind of restaurant type. You can configure Gleeca as per your business model instantly.

  • Quick Service Restaurant
  • Fine Dine-in (Incl. Digital waiter)
  • Cafe
  • Cloud Kitchen
  • Fast food on wheels
  • Bars
  • Bakery
  • Ice cream parlour
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Compatible with All Restaurant Models
Any Restaurant Model
Gleeca Software
Fastest Onboarding Experience

Start using Gleeca in less than a hour time.

No need to wait for the demo as you can try Gleeca instantly. If you have your menu ready, you can configure Gleeca in less than an hour’s time. No special skills are needed to use Gleeca because of its simplified User Interface. You can easily configure Gleeca based on your business model. For any queries, you can refer to our Knowledge base articles or reach us from your Dashboard using Gleeca Concierge Support.

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#1 Priority to your Brand

Never Push Your Brand Down by Limiting its Visibility

You get customers because of your Brand. Gleeca act as an integral part of your business. With Gleeca your brand is always in the spotlight. Configure your Logo in all possible areas such as Menu Page, Cart Page, Checkout Page, and Bill Copies. Also, we are offering a full Gleeca application as a white label on your own website domain as an addon. Launch your own food ordering system today.

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Zero Cost Subscription - Today, Tomorrow & Forever

Gleeca is built with the goal to support passionate restaurateurs. Gleeca aims to take all restaurants digitally and offer them their own technology platform to make them feel strong and focus on improving their business.

Join 100+ restaurateurs who are enjoying complete benefits without any costs.


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Gleeca + You = Success

30+ Features included in our FREE plan

Get features that helps you grow your restaurant business

Dine-in Order management

Our System supports Dine-in with Table and Waiter, Dine-in with Table & without Waiter, Dine-in without Table & With waiter, Self-Serving Model using Dine-in POS.

Multiple Kitchen Station

Create Multiple Kitchen Stations and map each item with a kitchen station. We are introducing Kitchen Display System shortly to automate kitchen operations digitally.

Kitchen Printer System

Configure your LAN printers of each Kitchen Station to send order information to specific kitchen station. Note: Gleeca support LAN Printers only.


We know the importance of taxation. Hence we give you the complete control to stay tax compliant.

Operating Hours

Define your operating hours for different order types and attract orders online and in-store.

Smart Menu

Organize menu with timing, variants & add-ons. Duplicate & customise menu for multiple branches to save time.