Tips to increase restaurant sales:

  1. Pricing strategy
  2. Menu revision
  3. Happy customers
  4. Social media
  5. Upselling
  6. Online ordering
  7. Offers and discounts

Sales – the basic point of a business and hence an extremely important thing to know about how you can bring an increase in sales of your restaurant. Every period in history has seen a new method of sales. Sales tactics have always depended on the market’s current demands. KFC which started as a roadside restaurant grew from a regular to an empire because of its state-of-the-art sales strategies. A unique thing that Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC considered was that the franchises were his customers. His intelligent thinking was, the more franchises he will be able to gather, the less work he will have to do. That is how KFC, the second largest fast food chain has grown to be a business worth 6.6 billion dollars currently, globally.

Therefore, understanding the market is of utmost importance in increasing sales. Marketing is your primary tool in this regard. The rise of competition in the post-covid-19 scenario makes it imperative to know how to ‘up’ your game. The following tips will help you achieve that edge you require to channel more traffic towards your restaurant. Contrary to common thinking, marketing does not always involve investment. There are techniques of free marketing as well.

  • Pricing strategy – setting the right prices for the things on your menu is very important. You should know how to attach an appropriate value to your food items. You can neither price them too high nor too low. The price of the item on your menu must be justified. Researchers have found that a 1% rise in your prices could lead to an 11% rise in overall
  • Happy customers – This is one of the easiest options which is also a by-product of your business – making your customers happy. Happy customers do not have to be asked for promoting you, they do it by themselves. And in this age of smartphones, promotion is not just limited to word of mouth but also through digital platforms. The social media posts become viral and slowly your sales pick up a speed that you could not have done alone.4.
  • Social media – in this digitally dominated world, social media has become one of the closest parts of one’s life. People love to share all their experiences here, so why not use it for your restaurant business? Your aim should be to be able to reach the maximum number of customers. Your social media presence allows people to know you and your trade. This again is a very good option for free marketing. And most importantly, the reins of this are in your hands. So you do not have to depend on others for it.5.
  • Upselling – this is a tried and tested method for achieving an increase in sales. The trained staff help conduct this with ease. They ask the customers to upgrade their current order by telling them of attractive offers. In most cases, the customer changes the plan and buys something more than they were initially taking. Giving out samples of new products is also a part of upselling and helps one introduce an item without much effort. This is still practiced by brands such as Domino’s who have a history of giving out garlic bread or cheese burst at an additional INR 1.6.
  • Online ordering – with the digitization of things ordering food online will always be appreciated by customers. They will no longer have to wait in a queue to order their food. When you have a system integrated into your operations, customers will prefer you over others who do not have the facility. Gleeca, the free restaurant management system provides these facilities free of cost and with expertise that can help your restaurant run without any obstacles. Gleeca’s assistance will help you on several levels. The two most important are marketing through the free subdomain that you will get on signing up and the streamlining of operations within the restaurant. The automation of processes such as table reservations, pickup, dine-in, menu creation, and over 35 other helpful features will empower you to deliver the best to your customers and keep them wanting to come back to your restaurant.7.
  • Offers and discounts – everybody prefers freebies or discounts which is why Domino’s at one point in time gave out mini Choco Lava cakes as a complimentary with other orders. It is thus that things such as discount coupons, happy hours, and combos are all a hit always when it comes to the restaurant business. It is one of the best ways to bring about an increase in sales. These are things that customers are naturally drawn towards and can barely stay away from. In a way, this is getting into the minds of the customers. The combos give a sense of sharing and getting together, which is a common emotion when friends and family meet. Likewise, happy hour is a time that makes one feel that they are getting the same food at a very low price so they can order more quantity of it.To sum it up, the easiest thing to do to be able to put all of the above the mentioned plans into action is to get the restaurant management system. Once you give the responsibility of managing your restaurant to such a customized system, such as Gleeca, you can just relax and watch how the increase in sales skyrockets your restaurant business!
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