Errors in Online Food Delivery? Don’t Worry – Here’s How to Avoid Them

The online delivery system is an intrinsically connected mechanism commonly used in almost all restaurants these days. But unfortunately, restaurateurs are still trying to figure out how it works seamlessly; in the bid making errors in its functionality. This blog digs out those errors and provides the solutions so as to be able to make it work smoothly.

How are you managing your restaurant’s rush hour? Try a Takeaway Kiosk

Thinking of a kiosk we understand it is about expensive hardware. But in reality, a QR Code-based self-ordering system and mobile-compatible POS are the two major contributors to the solution of this problem.

Why do restaurants need a management system?

Management is a core element of our lives. We need to manage our time, health, responsibilities, resources, and so many other things. The only reason behind this is to not let anything go to waste or lead to a problem. When in the restaurant business this becomes even more applicable.

How to create QR code menu for restaurant?

QR Code Menu or Digital Menu for restaurants is the new feature that every restaurant adapts faster. Restaurants with QR codes on the tables and near the billing area can be seen frequently.

What is Cloud Kitchen?

The cloud concept, the basis of the cloud kitchen, meaning a virtual kitchen, though relatively novel yet has already become quite popular for reasons more than one. It seems to wonder and makes one realize how things can be done without being physically present.

What should you Start with – A Cafe or Restaurant?

So now the question is Cafe or restaurant? Both have tremendous business potential. Let us know about them in detail, which could give an idea about starting a cafe or restaurant.

Digital Menu for Restaurants – How To Make A Stunning Digital Menu

Are you looking for ways to create or improve your restaurant's digital menu? Then read our article about creating a stunning digital menu for restaurants!

Creating the Ultimate Restaurant Menu

With Gleeca, you'll be able to create an amazing restaurant menu that your customers love. Get started today!.

Who should choose the QSR type of restaurant business?

If you are passionate about starting a restaurant business with a limited budget or without huge investments, then the first step is choosing your restaurant type.