Digital Menu for Restaurants - How To Make A Stunning Digital Menu For Your Restaurant


Are you looking for ways to create or improve your restaurant’s digital menu? Then read our article about creating a stunning digital menu for restaurants!

Digital menus allow customers to view information about items on the menu without having to ask a server. This makes ordering more accessible and faster, especially when many options are available. Nowadays, customers are expecting contactless service wherever possible. Creating a Digital Menu for your Restaurants will create good value for your business.

#1 You must have an attractive website with a straightforward navigation structure.

If you’ve an idea to open a new restaurant or thinking of digitalising your existing restaurant operations, you should consider creating a digital menu. Digital Menu will help you attract more customers and make them feel comfortable dining at your establishment, or they can order from the comfort of their homes and pick it up at your counters.

digital menu for restaurants

If you have multiple branches, you should have provisions for your customer to choose the branch and view the digital menu. Giving options to select the branch will allow them to order from the nearest branch at their convenience.

The most affordable way to create your restaurant website with digital menu features is by availing Gleeca Business Website Add-on.

#2 Include a search bar and make it easy for users to find what they’re looking for.

Include a search bar in your restaurant digital menu

You’ll need to add a search bar to your digital menu so people can easily find what they’re looking for. This feature allows visitors to type in any terms they want to see displayed on your site.

#3 Add images to attract more attention.

Using Images is an effective way to draw attention to your business. They also help with user engagement by making your content more engaging. Naturally, adding an image will increase clicks to the items, which in turn convert into a sale.

adding images to digital menu

#4 Provide information about your food.

Your customers might take up to 90 seconds to skim your menu. You should provide precise information about your food items. This includes nutritional facts, ingredients, allergens, how the dish will be cooked and other relevant details. In general, search engine loves original content. Make sure you are not copying the content from other websites, as you could be penalised by search engines due to plagiarised content. Use proper keywords so that your users shall search and find it faster using our search bar. Make sure you aren’t stuffing keywords. The usage of keywords should look natural.

Avoid using unfamiliar words/jargon as we should not test your customer’s language skills. Use simple words to make sure anyone can understand.

#5 Offer discounts and promotions.

It’s also a good idea to offer discounts and special offers to customers who visit your restaurant online. If you do this well, you will attract more people to your website and encourage them to make repeat visits. Create offers with expiry dates, so you don’t want to cancel the promotions manually. Create new coupon codes so that people tend to visit your website often to get the new coupon code. Make sure you share the latest coupon code by designing a nice graphic banner.

Using Gleeca, a digital menu for restaurants can be created instantly without any prior training or demo. Gleeca not only offers a digital menu for restaurants but a complete technology package that a restaurateur needs. For more information, visit

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