Hello world and welcome to the Gleeca Blog

We are happy to begin the Official Blog of Gleeca today!

This blog will serve as the official communication channel between us, and to start with, we can’t wait to introduce ourselves.

Who We Are:

We are Hyrrokkians.

Gleeca is a Brand of Hyrrokkin Branding Services Private Limited. An IT and Branding Company started in the Sea Gateway of Tamil Nadu “Tuticorin”. Our love for the restaurant business, combined with our passion for technology, has made us offer you Gleeca.

What is Gleeca:

We created Gleeca to be a perfect Restaurant Management System with online ordering capabilities. Restaurants can transform their dine-in and takeaway operations digitally and enable online ordering to accept pickup and Dine-in orders.

Take orders from your Website or Whatsapp or any social media using a Unique Website URL.

Who shall use Gleeca:

Gleeca is not only for bigger restaurants. Gleeca is highly flexible in that it can serve as a tool for restaurants of any level. Bigger restaurants shall use Gleeca to scale up their business by getting more control over their customers, whereas small restaurants get the framework to improve their operational efficiency and get new ways to acquire clients digitally.


As a Restaurant owner, you get the most powerful features packed together for a small subscription fee. Gleeca is your true companion and you design how it should work for you. You create your discounts and offers.


As a Hyrrokkian, we created Gleeca to become your partner with the true spirit to help you win. This is the reason we have economical subscription plans.


In Gleeca you just pay a small payment processing fee for online payments and flat fees in every delivery order for using Map Technology that enables Smart Delivery Feature for you. If you don’t need it, you shall disable those features anytime and use traditional pin code-based delivery services, which are truly free. With Gleeca, you enjoy true transparency. No surprising bills!


Businesses without a proper plan usually fail. Do you have a practice of giving a checklist to employees? If yes, how much time do you invest in validating the checklist filled by your employees?  We know it is difficult to crosscheck because of your busy schedule. When your employees understand that you never validate their work, their productivity will start to come down, which could affect your business negatively. You need a better system that even does this validation for you. Lower your expenses, get a clear picture of your accounts and establish a fail-safe system by joining Gleeca.


In this blog, we will create content that could help you stay ahead in the restaurant and hospitality industry, which employs the largest human capital in the world next to Agriculture.  Follow this space for regular updates.


If you haven’t signup, then click here to sign up and take a tour of our Web Application which gives you exactly what you need.


Meet you in our next blog article


The Gleeca Team


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