How to create QR code menu for restaurant?

QR Code Menu or Digital Menu for restaurants is the new feature that every restaurant adapts faster. Restaurants with QR codes on the tables and near the billing area can be seen frequently. I’m not talking about the QR Code used to collect payments using UPI, but the digital menu that helps restaurants take orders online. Restaurants use QR Codes on the table to accept dine-in without waiters and use QR code as a Kiosk near the billing area to accept Takeaway Orders online.

Digital Menu for restaurants is a game changer now. This enables faster ordering and error-less restaurant operations without the need for waiters in large numbers. People shall scan the QR Code from your table, place dine-in orders, and even pay their bills online, reducing the workload for your billers and cashiers. Hence QR Code Digital Menu is the most crucial feature you must implement for your restaurant. However, there are very few online options that are reliable to use and have fully automated technology like Gleeca.

You can create a QR Code Menu for your Restaurant using Gleeca in 4 simple steps.

Steps to Create QR Code Menu for Restaurants

Step 1: Sign up for an Account 

Signup for a restaurant owner account on and subscribe to the Free Trial Plan that gives full access to the application for 14 days.

Step 2: Creating a Sub Domain in your Restaurant Name

Create a subdomain while taking Gleeca Subscription, which acts as your restaurant’s digital menu for pickup orders.

Step 3: Configure your Restaurant Settings

Configure your Gleeca Account settings as per your restaurant requirements and add items to your menu. Create your menu items with variants and add-ons to offer more customisation options to your customers. For a detailed explanation, please visit

Step 4: Downloading your QR Codes

Download Table based QR Codes by adding tables and hall locations. To download Takeaway QR Code, you need to visit the takeaway settings of your restaurant branch. To attract online pickup and delivery orders, you shall promote your Gleeca Sub Domain inside your restaurant using posters. Your customers can use the online options to place orders without visiting your restaurant, standing in a queue and waiting.

Benefits of Getting QR Code Menu for your restaurant from Gleeca

  1. Eliminating most of the common problems while taking orders
  2. Eliminate manual communication with one or more kitchen stations/chefs sending orders to kitchen printer/kitchen display system
  3. Show an image of the food item to attract users to place orders
  4. No need to pay massive commissions (20-30%) for online orders as Gleeca will be acting as your own technology partner
  5. Automate the Dine-in process with table-based QR Codes
  6. Automate Takeaway Order taking process with QR Code-based Takeaway Kiosk
  7. Zero Renewal cost as you get a lifetime subscription
  8. Sending token number and payment acknowledgement using SMS with the help of eBill feature
  9. Manage menu separately for different branches
  10. Automatic payment settlements to your bank account
  11. Complimentary assistance to promote your restaurant and boost your business
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