A Shout Out To KFC Howzzat Campaign

Cricket, has since time immemorial not merely been a sport. It has always been a source of inspiration for innovative marketing campaigns. KFC has always been a pro at deploying this to gather maximum profit, and this time they are making it big by scoring a marketing win with its latest campaign, ‘Howzzat’. This is in alignment with the upcoming Cricket World Cup. The KFC’s Howzzat program is taking the world by storm. Let us take a look at the kind of euphoria this campaign is bringing about among its customers – old and new.

How to Howzzat?

The reason this promotion is attracting customers is because of its level of interaction. By virtue of the campaign, one needs to shout “Howzzat” into a mobile phone. KFC has devised this program with a decibel meter as its backbone that measures the intensity of the voice. The louder the shout the bigger the discount they are entitled to. The cricket fever has already caught onto the masses and gaining experience from such an ingenious interaction only increases the adrenalin rush. This is how more and more people are making this campaign such a huge success.

The Howzzat Experience

KFC’s Howzzat program is all about bringing cricket fever into its outlets. It’s simple but incredibly engaging: customers visiting KFC restaurants during the Cricket World Cup season are encouraged to participate. As customers place their orders and wait for their food, they have the opportunity to press a button that activates a loudspeaker. With the loudspeaker ready, they shout “Howzzat!” as loud as they can. A decibel meter instantly records the intensity of their shout, and their effort is translated into a discount on their order. The louder the cheer, the higher the discount – it’s a game of enthusiasm and passion.

The Howzzat Effect

The Howzzat program is designed to create memorable experiences for KFC customers. The various levels at which individuals are getting impacted by it can be summed up in the following:

Connecting Emotionally: Cricket is an easy tool to tap into the emotions and passion of cricket lovers. By participating, customers feel like they are part of the cricket action, even if they’re just grabbing a meal.

Entertainment Factor: The dining experience achieves a different level altogether.  Shouting “Howzzat” and seeing the decibel meter respond to their enthusiasm adds an element of fun and entertainment. Customers are more likely to remember and share their unique KFC moments on social media.

Competitive Spirit: The mention of competition itself is enough for people to get excited. The competitive element of this campaign is thus successful in engaging people with their louder cheers. It is a massive winner in building camaraderie among diners and enhances the sense of community within the KFC restaurant.

Discount Rewards: Who does not love a discount? And the ambience of cheering and enjoyment makes the campaign even more appealing. The higher the decibel count, the more they save, makes it a satisfying and rewarding experience.

Benefits for KFC

Considering the different effects the Howzzat program has had on the masses, it is not very difficult to gauge the numerous benefits it has attached to it. KFC is enjoying huge profits with the inclusion of this cricket mania as a campaign.

Increased Foot Fall: The number of customer visits to the KFC outlets has seen a consistent surge with the announcement and growing popularity of this campaign. The ongoing World Cup is being used as a bait to capture more foot falls and boost the traffic.

Brand Promotion: The program aligns KFC with a popular and emotionally charged event, allowing the brand to capitalize on the cricket frenzy and enhance its visibility.

Social Media Buzz: Social media has become the ‘go-to person’ for the majority. The buzz thus, created via the Howzzat campaign has added to the craze of sharing it on social media. The social media platforms are being flooded with such posts, thereby helping KFC carry on with subtle marketing and at no cost.

Data Collection: KFC can collect valuable data about customer participation, preferences, and behavior, enabling them to tailor future promotions and offers more effectively.

Customer Loyalty: The Howzzat program nurtures a sense of loyalty and belonging among the existing KFC customers. This unique experience will certainly motivate people to recommend the same for their near and dear ones.

KFC’s Howzzat program is a brilliant example of how innovative marketing campaigns can create a lasting impact on customers and drive business growth. While cricket fans unite in cheering for their favorite teams, KFC is reaping the rewards of this exciting marketing initiative. So, the next time you’re at KFC during the cricket season, don’t hesitate to shout “Howzzat” and enjoy the unique experience this campaign offers.

Bravo KFC that was most certainly a brilliant stroke!

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