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Going to the cinemas for a movie is a very welcome and common activity of recreation, and good nibble-on food with a refreshing beverage on the side is a part of this cinematic experience tradition. While the dynamic of watching the movies has made its shift from single theatres to multiplexes with push back seats and recliners, it is time to further upgrade the experience in terms of procurement of the accompanying food and drink. What we need to remember is that the cinematic experience isn’t just about what’s on-screen; it’s the whole package.

The mainstream profits for theatre owners are from their Canteen Sales. Currently, the biggest challenge that these canteen services face is to be able to serve around 100-200 guests in the span of 15 minutes. Gleeca, a game-changing restaurant management system, comes as a saviour in this situation. Introducing the latest innovation of Gleeca: the “Movie Theatre Mode,” designed specifically to transform the way moviegoers enjoy their snacks.

Just imagine the satisfaction of movie lovers comfortably settled in their seats, scanning a QR code conveniently placed on the seat’s handrest or back and instantly accessing an array of delectable treats to savor during the film screening. Gleeca’s Movie Theatre Mode enables seamless and hassle-free snack ordering directly from the comfort of the theatre seats. This mode is strategically crafted to redefine the way movie-goers relish their snacks and it will definitely create a good buzz among the people about the convenience of ordering in food of their choice provided at your Movie Theatre Canteen.

Gleeca’s Three Way Ingenious System

While Gleeca flexes this new feature of providing a premium movie watching experience for all movie buffs; it does not restrict itself to that alone. With Gleeca one becomes eligible to enjoy multiple conveniences:

Movie Theatre QR Code

In-Seat Ordering: This is the easiest form of ordering for any theatre guest. Theatre owners shall paste the QR code on the hand-rest or the back side of the seat which the user is facing. By scanning the QR code, customers can browse and order from an extensive menu without disrupting their movie experience. Their meals will reach them right on time so that there is no break in their movie watching.

Takeaway QR Code: Gleeca understands the value of time. For those who prefer to avoid queues, this code allows them to place orders online and collect their snacks from the counter hassle-free. The placement of the QR Code at a visible position is crucial in this case.

Regular POS: And for those who prefer to stay traditional, they can use the regular food counters to place their order. Here too, Gleeca can provide seamless and premium assistance in dealing with customers. Your biller can issue bills/tokens by collecting money from Card/UPI/Cash like any other billing system used in the canteen billing system. Gleeca has this POS system to ensure regular users are not omitted in the name of technology upgrades.

Advantages Theatre Owners Can’t Ignore

The decision for theatre owners to embrace Gleeca’s QR Code for the Canteen becomes clearer with these pivotal advantages:

Cost-Effective Excellence: The allure of Gleeca’s Movie Theatre Mode lies in its zero cost for theatre owners—no setup or recurring fees is required to use this feature.
Data-Driven Marketing: The system doesn’t just facilitate ordering; it opens doors to a treasure trove of customer data. Utilize this goldmine to craft tailored promotions and offers related to movies and delightful food deals. Engage your patrons through SMS, WhatsApp, or Email marketing channels, heralding the arrival of new movies and delectable snack offers.
Operational Efficiency: Streamlined operations and innovative sales methods equate to better crowd management. Gleeca’s systems ensure faster service, catering to more patrons in less time.
Reduced Manpower: With predominantly online orders, the need for extensive manpower decreases, channelling focus towards efficient food delivery at the counters and directly to the seats. This is added advantage to the pocket as well.

The convenience, excitement, and joy of experiencing a seamless snack-ordering process without missing a moment of the movie, is a representation of innovative technological inclusion with comfort at its best. Gleeca’s solution not only elevates the movie-watching experience but also enhances customer satisfaction. Moreover, Gleeca doesn’t just provide a service; it opens the door to a whole new realm of possibilities for theatre owners. By contacting Gleeca Support at, theatre owners can configure their canteens with this innovative system, boosting revenue and customer satisfaction, all for free.

Gleeca’s Movie Theatre Mode is the game-changer that movie theatre owners seeking to revolutionize their canteen experience and maximize revenue effortlessly need. Embrace the future of cinema snacks by integrating Gleeca into your theatre’s canteen today. Through Gleeca’s innovative Movie Theatre Mode, witness a transformation in snack ordering and customer satisfaction while maximizing revenue effortlessly.

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