How are you managing your restaurant's rush hour? Try a Takeaway Kiosk

Take the rush out of the hour with a takeaway kiosk. ‘Rush hours’ are a mix of happy and tensed feelings for every restaurateur. While they are excited about the fact that their restaurant is doing good business, they are also worried about how they would be able to provide the best experience to their customer.

The sight of a movie theatre’s food counter at the interval time is a perfect example of a rush hour. The primary area of struggle is the billing section. Everyone wants to get their order before the movie resumes and the weight of providing a fast billing service often pins down the restaurant owner. The speed of the billing systems slows down the entire operation and results in confusion at the counter.

Restaurants too face a similar problem, especially on festive days such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. They fail to provide a table to the heavy rush of customers ending up in loss of business as well as customers. This is the ideal situation for turning from the traditional dining table set-up to the remote table set-up. Yes, that’s right. At a time when our regular lives have moved on to a lot of activities that can be done remotely; dining too can join the bandwagon.

If you are wondering how is that possible? A takeaway kiosk is your most appropriate answer. This does wonders, in terms of customer retention and increases the business numbers surprisingly. In the initial stages of these takeaway counters, the primary problem was the time that a customer had to wait. The reason behind this was the slow billing process. Fortunately, however, this problem has been eliminated with the inclusion of digitization.

A takeaway kiosk is now equipped with technologically advanced mechanisms that reduce the hold-up time of a customer and render them a happy and satisfying experience. The time taken to place orders through a kiosk reduces the time taken by a good 50%, therefore, adding speed to the process. Additionally, errors are completely removed because orders are placed by the customers themselves.

Thinking of a kiosk we understand it is about expensive hardware. But in reality, a QR Code-based self-ordering system and mobile-compatible POS are the two major contributors to the solution of this problem. The customers as well as the restaurant staff are gratified for the addition of these tech-savvy mechanisms that have eased out the billing process drastically.

If you too are struggling with such issues in your food business, a company like Gleeca is your one-stop shop for it. Gleeca’s state-of-the-art restaurant management system makes all these and more convenient features available to you free of cost. The lightning-fast onboarding process is an ideal one that values the time of the restaurant owner. That is why we have kept it as simple as possible: anyone can easily sign up and start using the application without seeing any demo or trial.

At a Gleeca takeaway kiosk, all a customer needs to do is scan the QR Code from their smartphone, select the food they wish to order, and make the payment online instantly. The next thing they know is that their food would be ready in minutes to be taken away and relished at a venue of their choice.

Now coming to the POS, Gleeca allows you to take orders on your smartphone. You do not have to depend on the POS hardware or a computer. Once the order is placed the customer can pay cash or swipe their cards in the POS machine at their convenience. The POS system typically removes the possibility of miscalculation, as could happen in a manual operation. For example, the hassle of receiving change for the cash given is eliminated.

Thus, digital transformation is a revolutionary solution for streamlining restaurant operations. So, what are you waiting for? Start using Gleeca’s takeaway kiosk along with its other features and get ready to say “bring the rush on”!

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