Kitchen Order Ticket Saves Money

Managing a restaurant is always more challenging than being the owner of one. You always have to look for ways and means that can help you get maximum profit with minimum investment. The investment one makes a restaurant owner is not just of money but also time and effort. Therefore, you should know how to be a smart business person along with being a hard working one. So, one of the primary things on your mind as a restaurant owner is how to automate the activities within the restaurant so that you can give your customer the best experience everytime they order from you.

Now, when it comes to a restaurant’s success, you should know that the kitchen should be active and not chaotic. Your kitchen should always be free of two things germs and confusion. Jokes apart, you should know how to streamline your operations. The first and foremost thing you need to do for that is to get a restaurant management system (RMS) for yourself, just like Gleeca. The other thing is to make sure that your RMS has a ‘kitchen order ticket’ (KOT) system. If you have these two things sorted you know you are on the way to becoming the number one in your industry.

Gleeca is equipped with both things adeptly to help you reach the peak of success in a restaurant business.  However, what sets Gleeca apart from the other RMS in the market is that they offer to you the KOT absolutely free of cost. This is a bonus when as a business person one of the crucial points of consideration is the expenses that need to be made.

A KOT in itself is a great tool to cut own costs within your restaurant, and imagine if that is also free how much more you can be saving. So, come let us take a look at how a KOT helps save money and give you a perfectly smoothly running restaurant kitchen.

  1. Reducing Food Waste:

    The foremost thing which not only involves finances but also ethics when in a restaurant business. We all know wasting food is not even a moral thing to do. Right from our childhood we have been taught not to waste food at all. How then can we forget the same when we are in a business that involves food? The KOT gives you a precise idea of how much food is being ordered. The kitchen staff receive the exact information of a piece of paper and therefore prepare food accordingly. They can now avoid cooking excess food and then wasting them. When there is less or no wastage of food, the direct effect of that is the cutting down of expenses associated with preparing the food – the purchase of raw materials, the use of fuel, etc.

  2. Streamlining Inventory Management:

    KOTs serve as a valuable tool for inventory management. Just like at home you know how much of the ingredients have been used and which one needs a refilling. So does the same happen in the restaurant. By tracking the consumption of ingredients in real-time, restaurant owners can identify trends, forecast demand more accurately, and optimize their inventory levels accordingly. This can help you prevent excess inventory buildup and reduce the risk of spoilage.  Ultimately you will be surprised at how much money you will be saving money and not wasting ingredients at the same time.

  3. Optimizing Staff Productivity:

    The labour costs within the restaurant is another area where you can cut down costs with the KOT. The clear instructions and priorities for kitchen staff in a KOT, helps them work more efficiently and minimize idle time. The workflow is streamlined, and unnecessary tasks are eliminated. Thus, the staff productivity is maximised, and labour costs reduced. And the best part is that you do not have to compromise on the quality of service.

  4. Preventing Errors and Rework:

    One of the major reasons for wastage of time and effort in a restaurant is the errors in meal preparation. This creates frustration on both parties, the people cooking and the customer.  Added you will also experience extra costs as things are wasted. A KOT is your saviour in such a place. KOTs help prevent errors by providing detailed instructions for each order, reducing the likelihood of mistakes in cooking, plating, and garnishing. By getting orders right the first time, restaurants can avoid the need for costly rework and maintain customer satisfaction levels.

  5. Improving Table Turnover Rates:

    When the orders move in and out of the kitchen correctly, the immediate positive influence is seen on the table turnover rates. The quicker the customers receive their orders perfectly, the sooner they finish their meal and leave. Faster table turnover rates means increased revenue for restaurants, especially during peak hours. KOTs help accelerate the ordering and preparation process, allowing restaurants to serve more customers in less time. The wait times are minimized, and efficiency optimized. In turn, restaurants can maximize their earning potential without having to invest in additional seating or resources.

  6. Enhancing Menu Planning and Pricing:

    As a restaurant owner you should know that a KOT is also capable of helping you improve your menu plan and price. The KOTS give you an understanding through its data about which menu items are most popular and profitable. So, now you can identify high-margin dishes and optimize menu pricing. It’s a win win situation for you because while you are increading your profits you are keeping your customers also satisfied optimally. Additionally, KOTs can help identify underperforming items. You can, hence, remove those items from your menu that are not bringing you enough revenue.

Thus, you can see that Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs) are not just a tool for streamlining operations; they are a powerful asset for saving money and optimizing profitability in restaurants. KOTs are the allrounders you need to win every game of food serving within your restaurant. Gleeca, in this case is the ideal choice for you, because unlike other KOT service providers, Gleeca allows you full access to KOTs without having to pay a penny.  So, if you already have a restaurant and want to upgrade yourself in operations get Gleeca’s KOT and you will realise there is no looking back.

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