How are you managing your restaurant’s rush hour? Try a Takeaway Kiosk

Thinking of a kiosk we understand it is about expensive hardware. But in reality, a QR Code-based self-ordering system and mobile-compatible POS are the two major contributors to the solution of this problem.

What is fine-dine in a restaurant?

The concept of ‘eating out’ has undergone a metamorphosis. Taking the essence of sharing a meal to enjoy good food and each other’s company a notch higher is the concept of a ‘fine dine-in restaurant’. After all, the onus to carry on the tradition of providing a space for an exquisite dining experience within a comfortable yet eloquent space is still placed on the shoulders of aspiring fine dine-in restaurant owners.

Why do restaurants need a management system?

Management is a core element of our lives. We need to manage our time, health, responsibilities, resources, and so many other things. The only reason behind this is to not let anything go to waste or lead to a problem. When in the restaurant business this becomes even more applicable.

Checklist for Starting a Restaurant | One Clear Guide

Yes, today, youngsters are very clear to innovate new things in society, and many want to become entrepreneurs. One particular industry which is sprouting now is the restaurant business. Post-Covid, the rise of the restaurant business is significant worldwide as most firmly believe it is an evergreen business.

How to create QR code menu for restaurant?

QR Code Menu or Digital Menu for restaurants is the new feature that every restaurant adapts faster. Restaurants with QR codes on the tables and near the billing area can be seen frequently.

Evergreen Restaurant Promotion Strategies

Are you looking for a restaurant promotion strategy? You've come to the right place! This article will teach you everything you need to create a successful restaurant promotion plan. Promotions not only help you to increase your sales, but it is a great way to build brand loyalty among customers.